Monthly Archives: January 2006

Is it working?

Planning has improved thank goodness, so target do work. I have been experimenting with a different sort of planning document, arising from my foray into “Accelerated Learning”. I’ll attach it when I get back to my computer at work. Two of my trainees are using it, and initial feedback is that it liberates the mind. The problem with most formats is that they are linear, and tend to force one’ thinking into boxes. I am a great exponent of written lesson plans, beyond the imperative for trainee teachers and QA observations. I have found them invaluable as a thinking tool. I also use powerpoint as a planner, using the notes pages to build up lesson cycle. However there is little in the way of an “at a glance” view, with powerppoint or with standard formats, and this is where my “organic” lesson plan comes in.