Teaching practice observations

After the first round of observations I am again feeling humbled by the practice that I am privileged to see in the variety of settings. My trainees are a mixed bunch, coming from a range of backgrounds and bringing different sets of previous experience with them. Many of them are in their first years of teaching, and one or two have been at it a long time (you know who you are!) I do feel that, like toast, I have landed butter side up in this job, and although the thought of leaving my nice warm office for the outer reaches of Chadderton or Heywood sometimes causes me to wish I taught something less complicated, on the whole I love the chance to see folk in action. Personally I like having visitors and observers in my classroom, and find that I soon forget that they are there, but I also recognise that my trainees may have a different perception, and I try to take care to reassure them that I am here to search out the really great stuff. Failings and mistakes can alsways be rectified, but flashes of brilliance are easily lost unless they are acknowledged and applauded. In future I hope to be able to capture such moments, using short video clips that I can share with the class. Again this can create apprehension and fear in some, and I would never impose my wacky ideas on those who react badly to the idea.


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