Monthly Archives: May 2007

It seems such a long time since my last entry, and as an experiment it has certainly not been a great success. I put this down to my lack of motivation and persistence in the main, but also because I have been foolish enough to enrol for a postgraduate module in Philosophy and most of my writing has been redirected towards considerations and questions demanded by my assignments. However I had a couple of down minutes and reread my previous blog entries.

The preservice group is nearly at the end of their course now, and I must say that the whole year has been so rewarding for me, as their teacher, watching them grow and develop in confidence. They have had their highs and lows, as we would expect, but the challenges have been faced head on. One “success” has been the move towards formative assessments that represent true skills development. Yes they have to be able to write well at this level, but more importantly they need to be able to craft, using the resources available. I have managed to persuade them to work as a team to set up a display of their personal skills development, assessing their own, and their colleagues contributions along the way. I’ll post the pics when I get them downloaded.
I hope that the coming weeks show summative work that puts a true value on their progress, and that they are successful in their ambitions following the course.