Sam Shepherd

The course I teach on (the Cambridge DTE(E)LLS) uses a form for teachers to give a rationale for what they are doing. @cathywint dared/challenged me to use it for the next post as structure, so here it is. I’ve pulled the headings from the proforma, and written comments, some more formal than others, although that was one interesting reflection: having the clear, specific headings made me (at least at first) write much more formally here.

I would like to dedicate this post to every teacher I have trained in the past, and those who will train in the future, with an apology for putting you through this!


Class Profile

Without too much detail, for privacy reasons, but just to give an idea: mixed nationality beginners group, many on the cusp of E1, but one proper beginner, and several with post beginner literacy levels. They are enrolled on…

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