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GCSE Reform

My student has written this piece about GCSE reform. it is thought provoking and worth a read.

GCSE Reform.



Argument Clinic – YouTube

Argument Clinic – YouTube.

A Theory of Vocational Pedagogy

Professor Bill Lucas has produced a set of slides explaining the theory of vocational pedagogy. See them here:

Musings on professionalism

I am reading about professionalism, particularly with regard to the changes ahead of us in Teacher Education. I found this paper from Jill Jameson. Here are her reflections and questions at the end.

“I argue that, within a generally low trust, highly pressurised wider environment of rapid policy changes in a recession, it is important that professionals maintain their agency and autonomy within communities of practice, external as necessary, and that leaders in the sector learn to build high trust environments locally using distributed or shared leadership models (Jameson, 2011a-d).
Yet it seems that these lessons may not yet have been learned sufficiently to enable a fully functioning sense of professionalism to operate within the learning and skills sector. Is this the case? If so, what can we do to facilitate higher trust environments and a more successful development of professionalism within the sector?

The full text and the references are here:…

There are some fora within my workplace for the development of communities of practice, and these are to be welcomed. Space exists to discuss teaching and learning face to face, and via Yammer, but take-up from teachers is limited so far. More importantly I have yet to see the sort of leadership that Jill advocates. Perhaps there is a correlation?

Jill Jameson on professionalism

Jill Jamesons paper on professionalism from The 12th LSRN National Research Event.

Click to access Jill-Jameson.pdf

Yvonne Hillier on professionalism

Click to access Yvonne-Hillier.pdf

These slides were presented at the 12th LSRN National Research Event in November 2012. More slides and materials can be found here:

BERA ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2012: Teacher Development in Lifelong Learning, FE and HE

BERA ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2012: Teacher Development in Lifelong Learning, FE and HE.

Here is my paper for the BERA conference in 2012. I’ve just submitted a paper for 2013 so wish me luck!