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Frightened People Ticking Pointless Boxes

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I earn a crust from doing inset. Yes, one of those charlatans that “teaches teachers how to teach” ‘cos he hasn’t got a clue how to hack it in the real world. Shoot me down in flames!

When I “teach teachers how to teach” my aim is generally this: I want them to walk away thinking to themselves, “Bloody hell! I am allowed to teach! I am allowed to think for myself! I am allowed to be me! I’m really good at being me! I feel all warm and tingly!”

Often this message goes down a storm and lots of teachers lap up the idea, “People, you’re the grown-ups! You’re the subject experts! Think! Know what you believe in! Be what you believe in! Don’t be a box-ticking lobotomised automaton! You deserve better! Give it some welly! You are what you are, and what you are, needs no excuses! So what…

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Frightened People Ticking Pointless Boxes | barrynsmith79’s Blog

“don’t be a slave, don’t be an “outstanding” shadow of what you really are, don’t listen to “experts” and don’t assume the fad du jour in your school is, in any way, related to the real world”.

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